Game Audio Functions

This week is looking at the function audio provides in a video game.

The game I have chosen to look at is Halo 2 (2004)

Firstly the cutscene narrative sets the mood for the player to be ready to investigate a hostile area (instruction).

Gameplay starts at 00:01:16, at this point we hear flames coming from the crashed pelican (environment) this is effected with a low pass filter to demonstrate the player is disorientated or regaining consciousness (sensory immersion).

At 00:01:25 we player encounters the first hostile target. After shooting the enemy screams out and hits the floor (feedback) dead.

At 00:01:32 the sound of an enemy drop ship and can heard, this is a notification sound that prompts the player to prepare for enemy reinforcements. It also orientates the player as the objects sound gives clues to direction. This can also be hear at 00:04:15, players shields are low which results in a beep, the player can then be seen to take a moment behind a box with the recharging sound begins at which point the player continues to move again, around the same time feedback is given to the player in the form of vocal pain, the player has allowed themselves to be shot to a dangerously low health level so it punished with audible pain from their character.

At 00:01:44 and again at 00:02:14 the level ambient sound plays distant gun fire (sensory immersion) enhancing the level of physical presence in the game (Ermi & Mayra, 2005).


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