Hi, I’m Matt Hellewell. This blog is intended for use for the duration of my time at Leeds Beckett University whilst completing the MSc Sound and Music for Interactive Game.

I previously completed a BA (Hons) Creative Music Technology at Doncaster College, my interest in game sound arose during this time, especially in my final year when I looked more deeply into the temporal effect of sound, and flow.

I’ve always had an interest in playing games from an early age, at the moment I play a lot of Destiny (Bungie). This was also the game I used during my dissertation.

My interest in Sound Design also came about during my time at Doncaster. An example of my work can be heard here:

Musically I enjoy electronic, classical, sound track and ambient pieces.

So far I have never written music/adaptive music for games but I have created sound effects/sound design. As yet I know very little about audio implementation into game other than dabbling in Wwise but I hope over the next few weeks this will change!


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