Month: September 2015


Hi, I’m Matt Hellewell. This blog is intended for use for the duration of my time at Leeds Beckett University whilst completing the MSc Sound and Music for Interactive Game.

I previously completed a BA (Hons) Creative Music Technology at Doncaster College, my interest in game sound arose during this time, especially in my final year when I looked more deeply into the temporal effect of sound, and flow.

I’ve always had an interest in playing games from an early age, at the moment I play a lot of Destiny (Bungie). This was also the game I used during my dissertation.

My interest in Sound Design also came about during my time at Doncaster. An example of my work can be heard here:

Musically I enjoy electronic, classical, sound track and ambient pieces.

So far I have never written music/adaptive music for games but I have created sound effects/sound design. As yet I know very little about audio implementation into game other than dabbling in Wwise but I hope over the next few weeks this will change!